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PLG Hair Products

Nourish Your Hair With 100% Organic ingredients

Peace, Love, and Gratitude

Choosing a more youthful, vibrant, and relaxed appearance is a first step in pursuing a more positive, healthy attitude. With 100% organic ingredients, PLG cleanses without artificial foaming agents, soothes and relaxes the scalp, and nourishes hair in a calming, soothing, stress-relieving way.

Shampoo made in america

How Organic Is It?

PLG is so organic, it has an expiration date—like food. Don't drink it! Made with peace, love, and gratitude, by hand, in the USA.
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The PLG Mission

PLG is committed to furthering peace, love, and gratitude by creating 100% organic products that sooth, nourish, and revive a serene but vibrant and healthful appearance contributing to a positive, healthy attitude.

The PLG Mission

Most organic hair products contain chemical lathering and foaming agents that make it FEEL like we're cleaning our hair when in fact, it's just bubbles. A chemical lather strips hair. Clean the scalp, and the hair is clean. PLG cleans from the scalp outward with no foamy illusions.

The PLG Mission