About PLG

PLG stands for Peace, Love, and Gratitude.

How Organic Is It?

The challenge for organic hair product brands is to produce something that cleans and conditions the hair but doesn't use the chemical foaming agents we've all gotten used to from ordinary commercial products. Most brands that use organic ingredients also add foaming agents that are anything but organic. That's so it FEELS like we're cleaning our hair when in fact, we're just saturating it with bubbles rather than penetrating it with natural, cleansing oils that push dirt to the surface where it washes away, leaving hair healthy and nourished as well as clean. Look closely at your shampoo or conditioner brand ingredients. You'll find the usual suspects: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate, coco-glucoside, or other sulfates, sulfites, and sodium-based chemicals. If it sounds like drain cleaner, you're not far off. If it sounds like it came from a chemistry set, it probably did. Once you get used to an all-organic product that is less foaming, more cleansing and nourishing, you won't miss the bubbles—you'll miss the dryness, damage, and overall feeling of walking around in a chemical soup.

About the Founder

Anastasia, the creator of PLG, developed a successful hair styling practice that put her in a unique position to listen to and discuss the pressures of everyday life felt by clients relaxing in her chair. Stress wreaks havoc on the organs of our bodies, including the hair, and our overall beauty. She noticed that improving their appearance wasn't just a superficial patch but noticeably contributed to an overall more positive and healthy outlook. She wanted to do the same thing with hair products anyone can use in their home, at the gym, or while traveling. She developed PLG after researching natural DHT blockers that counteract the effects of stress and, because physical and emotional health are intertwined, she made a conscious commitment to using only organic ingredients in PLG products. No harsh chemicals—only natural things that grow from the ground. The result is PLG, shampoo and conditioner so organic it has an expiration date (like food). Don't eat it!

How to Use PLG

Use it like normal shampoo and conditioner with these provisos: 1) Give PLG a few weeks of steady use (e.g. 6) to let your scalp get accustomed to the essential oils as your PH interacts with the new, healthy stimuli. In short, give it the college try and see what it does for your hair. WARNING: It might ruin you for anything else. 2) You don't have to use a lot of shampoo. It's not supposed to foam like products with chemical foaming agents. Use enough to clean your scalp and watch the results. 3) Clean your scalp to clean your hair. Hair is clean and healthy or dirty and limp from the scalp outward. The scalp is the repository of natural oils nourished by PLG and the source of the dirt PLG removes from your hair. 4) You can use the conditioner EITHER as a leave-in or a wash-out. Do what feels best for you—it'll nourish your hair either way. 5) Smell it. That's the smell of natural ingredients. You'll never put something that smells like medicine and perfume into your scalp and hair again.

Store Tips

The 32-ounce size is the best value investment and reflects your full commitment to treating your hair with only refreshing 100% organic ingredients. The 16-ounce size is the PLG standard and is best for replacing your normal shampoo and conditioner with a 100% organic product. You'll be glad you did. The 8-ounce size fits compactly into even the smallest bathroom, guest bath, or AirBNB. It also makes a great gift for clients, employees, or family members. The 4-ounce set is perfect for the gym, yoga locker, or as a travel companion.

Tip: Buy an extra set. You're going to want to give one as a gift, for a holiday or special occasion—ESPECIALLY when someone else tries the product and wants YOURS.

The PLG Mission

PLG is committed to furthering peace, love, and gratitude by creating 100% organic products that sooth, nourish, and revive a serene but vibrant and healthful appearance contributing to a positive, healthy attitude.

The PLG Mission

Most organic hair products contain chemical lathering and foaming agents that make it FEEL like we're cleaning our hair when in fact, it's just bubbles. A chemical lather strips hair. Clean the scalp, and the hair is clean. PLG cleans from the scalp outward with no foamy illusions.

The PLG Mission