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  1. Carmina Cristina

    From the first moment you apply Anastasia ‘s product on your scalp , you know you are in for a luxury hair SPA experience . Oh wow!!!
    The smell, the texture and not last how it makes your hair feel is something very uplifting & full of good energy.
    Thank you Anastasia for creating a product that brings so much “joy” every time I wash my hair .

  2. 천연이라 머리감고 살짝말린머리위에 트리트먼트를사용하고 거칠고 두꺼운머리결이 너무부드러워졌어요 헹구지않아도 되니 너무 편리하고 비싼만금값어치를하는거같아요 자꾸 쓰고싶어져서 아침저녁으로 머리감은적도있어요~완전강추입니다 머리결완전 부드러워져요 .다쓰면 재구매의사있습니다

  3. Love this hair product. Been using it for about 8 months and I could really see that my hair is not falling out as much when I’m washing it. Also my hair feels a lot thicker and less dry. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!’ Love it.

  4. 맨.처음 썼을땐 거품도 안나고 머리도 안 감은것처럼 기름기도 생기고해서 투덜투덜거리며 써야하나말아야하나고민을하게됐죠.하지만.환경에도좋고.지금은 거품도 있는거같고. 우선 머리카락도 나는것같고 .요즘은 하수구를머리 감을때마다 눈크게뜨고 머리카락이 몇개나 빠졌나찾아보게 되네요.거품에 익숙해져 있는우리. 케미클이안좋은거란걸 알면서도 저렴한거찾고 그냥이것저것 썼지만.이걸쓰고 난 다음에는 다른건 못쓰겠는 1인입니다~

  5. Love the products! Makes my curly hair soft and moisturized. I have also seen a reduced amount of hair thinning too!

  6. The stuff has given me the hair I had 20 years ago. I really dig how it’s clean but the hair comes COMPLETELY clean – no chemical residue, and I don’t really have to do anything but towel off. Stuff is perfect.

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The PLG Mission

PLG is committed to furthering peace, love, and gratitude by creating 100% organic products that sooth, nourish, and revive a serene but vibrant and healthful appearance contributing to a positive, healthy attitude.

The PLG Mission

Most organic hair products contain chemical lathering and foaming agents that make it FEEL like we're cleaning our hair when in fact, it's just bubbles. A chemical lather strips hair. Clean the scalp, and the hair is clean. PLG cleans from the scalp outward with no foamy illusions.

The PLG Mission